Real P2P

RealP2P is bespoke mortgage product that allows users to engage in Peer-to-Peer borrowing & lending focussed in the refinancing, housing market.

The Revolution

  • The platform creates a 1st mortgage which is held in a Unit Trust giving investors/lenders the same right of legal recourse as afforded to banks under Australian Law.
  • Creates higher returns for investors and lower borrowing costs
  • Attacks the excessive spread margin of financial intermediaries
  • Reduces interference from financial intermediaries, such as banks
  • Entering a stale $1.4 trillion marketplace which is ripe for restructuring and online disruption
  • Initial Target is Home Loan Mortgages with a LVR of 65% or less
  • The majority of loans will be the refinancing of mortgages previously held by banks
  • Potential to expand into loan defaults, higher risk loans, annuity stream, secondary markets, and other asset classes
  • We deliver Bank level IT security
  • This new strategy will change the way properties are financed

Advantage to Lenders

Advantage to Borrowers

  • Lenders can choose their risk vs. their reward
  • Lenders are offered higher returns than bank deposit rates or comparative investments
  • Lenders are free to create their own investment portfolio
  • Lenders are protected under a Managed Investment Scheme
  • Further protection is provided by holding a 1st mortgage via a Unit Trust and administered by a Public Trustee. This can force selling (i.e. mortgagee in possession) to recoup on any default just as banks can do.
  • Safe, transparent structure via a 1st mortgage held within a dedicated Unit Trust by a Public Trustee
  • Reduced borrowing rate corresponding to risk profile
  • Borrowers are able to decide on the Term of Mortgages
  • Borrowers are able to decide on the required loan to value of mortgage, which dictates the mortgage size
  • Maximum length of mortgage is 5 years, with a minimum of 1 year
  • Easy to roll into a new 1st mortgage held within a dedicated Unit Trust and held by a Public Trustee via the platform
  • Simple ordering process to obtain required credit and valuations
  • Clear and visible fees
  • Everything can be done from home

Real P2P

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