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Protogen is an Australian firm specialising in high performance computing and data insights. Our specialist solution architects have extensive experience across multiple industries and provide a hands-on, collaborative approach.

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Protogen Incubation

Protogen’s incubation companies are dedicated to innovation in the areas of medicine, finance, digital marketing and supply chain optimisation.

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Established in 1996, OnQue Digital is a dynamic and innovative data analytics, digital design and communications company located in Pyrmont, Sydney.

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Our database management solutions provide you with the best of breed customer-centred database administration services.

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RealP2P is bespoke mortgage product that allows users to engage in Peer-to-Peer borrowing & lending focussed in the refinancing, housing market.

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Strategic Care’s main aim is to bring world leading co-ordination and collaboration to healthcare.

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Corporate Success Stories

Protogen is dedicated to providing the best in technology, data and development services to our clients across multiple industries.

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AICA Education is a former Queensland College, specialising in short courses in similarity to a TAFE Format.

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Magnamail, Penny Miller is a catalogue selling company established in 2005 and based in New Zealand the company is renowned as a leader in home shopping and personalised catalogue delivery.

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Pelikan Artline is one of the largest distributors of office products in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Protogen provided Pelikan with critical Microsoft SharePoint expertise and facilitated a seamless upgrade of their critical business systems.

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The Starlight Children’s Foundation needed Protogen’s expertise in implementing system integration and data management support.

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Latest Blogs

Protogen's NAPLAN Dataset Collaboration
Friday 21, October 2016
Big Data

Protogen's NAPLAN Dataset Collaboration

Protogen is proud to announce our recent collaboration with The Australian in providing data insights and processing of Australia-wide learning and financial outcomes based on the NAPLAN dataset. Thes...

Precision Medicine: The New Frontier
Monday 17, October 2016

Precision Medicine: The New Frontier

The term, ‘Precision Medicine’ has been thrown around in the health-tech space for quite some time now. However, the new hot topic remains clouded with uncertainty in regards to just ...

Protogen’s Monthly Breakdown
Wednesday 21, September 2016
Innovation, Technology, Social Media, Healthcare

Protogen’s Monthly Breakdown

Protogen gives you an update on all things new in tech this month. 1. Drones get first anti-laser lasers to stop being shot down An anti-laser laser has been developed by American company &lsquo...

Line Messaging App : Biggest Tech IPO of 2016
Thursday 18, August 2016
Social Media, Software

Line Messaging App : Biggest Tech IPO of 2016

With the growing number of messaging apps available at our fingertips, it is an understatement to say that the way we communicate is constantly changing. Many of the most common messaging apps includi...

IoT and its Place in Healthcare
Tuesday 12, July 2016
Innovation, Healthcare

IoT and its Place in Healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an increasingly popular term in conversations across different industries, and is predicted to be the ‘next big thing’. A number of companies have ...

Fintech 101 :  Understanding Financial Technologies
Friday 01, July 2016
Innovation, Fintech

Fintech 101 : Understanding Financial Technologies

Fintech isn’t a new concept. ‘Fintech’ has in the past been referred to as, ‘a small group of modest start-ups offering limited online lending or retail-payment services’...

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