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MLS (Medical Legal Services)

Long before Protogen’s incubation company ‘Strategic Care’ was formed, Protogen was tasked with undertaking a portal integration project for Medical Legal Services (MLS)

MLS (Medical Legal Services)

Protogen has develivered Medico Legal Solutions (MLS) a precursor to our now successful incubation company ‘Strategic Care’. Protogen was tasked with assisting Medical Legal Services (MLS) provide their key insurance clients not only compliance to new industry expectations but also innovation in the delivery and management of medico-legal specialist second opinions.

The Challenge

Protogen deployed our Strategic Care based technology to support MLS case management coordinators. The portal has been designed to deliver ‘second opinion medical reports’ and the optimisation in care co-ordination.

The Solution

Protogen delivered the following:

  • Complex workflow management and monitoring
  • Sophisticated dashboard and reporting integration
  • Enterprise database deployment and management
  • A new system to meet specifications

MLS (Medical Legal Services)

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MLS (Medical Legal Services)

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