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Mirus Australia

Protogen built Mirus Australia's foundation data platform for Medicare data gathering and warehousing. This platform is now being used to optimise Mirus clients' financial and care performance.

Mirus Australia is a leading provider of Aged Care metrics and consulting services for some of the largest Aged Care providers across Australia. The company was formed to improve Aged Care through ensuring care providers have accurate and timely information on demand. 

Protogen was engaged to build the foundation for Mirus' data platform by building a high performance, flexible data extraction tool that allowed Mirus to gather critical customer data from the Medicare platform. This platform now provides key Aged Care facilities the ability to ensure the right funding is being recieved for their services.


The Challenge

As a startup Mirus was founded by senior consultants from the industry with limited technical experience. They did not want to build an internal team specifically for the foundation work and went to market to find a best fit partner.

The Solution

Protogen's experienced technical team provided Mirus with critical undertanding around security, data source data extraction and data warehousing concepts. This data warehouse solution is now powering their reporting, calculation and recommendation engines.

Mirus Australia

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Mirus Australia

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